The function-based economic model :
Just a trend or a real opportunity for major groups ?
People also speak about use economics because, by definition, it is a question of selling the use that one makes of the product and no longer only the product. Rather than having a printer that will not necessarily be adapted to your needs, each month you pay for a leasing / use agreement adapted according to the material chosen, foreseeable evolutions, the number of sheets printed, the necessary maintenance, etc. … in short, adapted to your use. That’s how it all started for Xerox. The use economics is a strong trend, and this is can easily be seen :
of French people consider use more important than ownership
>> And 95% of them already possess at least one use agreement (while 38% have more than 6 such agreements).
333 billion Euros overall financing method that is well developed in Europe
With a penetration rate that is increasing by almost


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This mode of consumption will allow the companies that adopt it to develop a new business model by responding quickly to this real consumer need. Moving towards use economics is a true differentiation strategy, because it allows you : 



One of the levers used to meet this need is the long-term lease or,as it is more commonly called, leasing:  you pay a monthly sum, over a set period time, for the use of a product and possibly also for associated services (insurance , maintenance, accessories, consumables …).
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Thanks to this approach to function-based economics, it is possible to make high-end products accessible. An electric city bike costing €1,190 can be rented starting at €30,50 / month. This is perfect for the person who wants to gradually get back to doing sports by, for example, biking every day to work. Do you have medium or high-end products ? Long-term leasing allows you to expand your clientele and offer additional services.  Adding insurance, maintenance, accessories, connected health objects or guarantees etc. to your product allows you to create a complete package.  In the world of tomorrow, we can imagine that every Wednesday you will borrow (for a price), your neighbor’s bike that he, in return, he will rent your lawn mower occasionally on weekends!
This is an approach made possible by function-based economics.

Are you looking to conquer new markets

(or strengthen your presence in a market) ?


the transformation of your business thanks to the long term rental is for you if:

  • You have medium and high-end products
  • You can associate them services (by selecting from our library)

It is not for you if, on the contrary:

  • yours is a low-end product and you’re only looking for profit without taking care of customer experience

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